Blackberry Chronicles – Day 3

Blackberry Chronicles – Day 3

Today I continue from where I left off in the first part of this journey down “blueberry lane”


Battery Life

One of the big issues for me is battery life. After the first charge, the battery lasted just over a day. Nowhere near the battery life of my already 2 year old Nokia E71. Its been roughly 36 hours since the last full charge and its clear that I will be needing to hook the phone up to Eskom pretty soon. Take into account that it was switched off during the night. This is not good.



Since the introduction of the benchmark-setting Nokia 6600, multi-tasking has become one of those things we have taken for granted. So it’s rather disappointing to see that the Bold doesn’t handle switching between apps very well. There is a very noticable delay at times when switching between BB Messenger and Messages, for example. I am hoping that this issue will vanish once I perform a software update.


User Interface and Usability

No complaints here. The UI is intuitive and lends itself to ease of use. It is somewhat plain but Blackberry aren’t really claiming this to be more than a business-oriented phone. The track pad responds well after only a short period of acclimatising to it. The right keys find themselves under your fingers more often than not. Button press is slightly firmer than on the E71. The screen resolution is pretty good too.



One major point of concern that’s crept up is with my contacts. It appears that Google Sync only caters for one mobile number. As a result, I am now missing details for contacts with multiple numbers. Come on people, one number please! Will need to look into this further to find a solution.

I’m rather concerned by the fact that the Facebook app took the liberty of going through my phone book and linking contacts to the corresponding Facebook friend. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool. But I don’t like that it all happens behind the scenes. To be fair, there is an option to deselect integration with calendar and contacts.

Something new. Unified notifications. All new notifications – be it BBM, email, Facebook or Twitter – can be seen easily on the home screen. Accessing the “Messages” icon takes you to a full listing of all notifications. You can then navigate to the message directly from this screen. This makes reading and replying to messages from different apps extremely easy.

I am truly impressed with the way Blackberry have managed to integrate the various forms of social media. It makes staying in touch just that bit easier. I fear I will now be hooked to my phone more than ever.


With all that said, I admit to suffering from Nokia withdrawal symptoms. So have I done the right thing by breaking away from the tried, tested and much loved Symbian S60? Time will tell.

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