Love it or hate, Maven is an essential part of many development environments.

One of the things I like about Maven is its’ ability to quickly generate a project skeleton to help get you started.

There are a couple that I use frequently. I keep them in text files all over my PC and end up never being able to find them. So hopefully by sharing this knowledge I’ll be able to spread the Maven love while also giving me a single place to look.

Here they are.

Generate project of type POM (Super Pom)

Generate project of type EAR – Enterprise Archive

Generate project of type WAR – Web Archive

The -B flag runs the entire process in batch mode i.e.: Maven will not ask you for any input.

Run this command to view a full list of available plugins for artifact generation

I don’t believe in wasting time with the simple things – like setting up a project. Let the tools handle it for you. With that said, it’s important to highlight that most IDE’s offer similar functionality. That’s all good just so long as it doesn’t deviate from any standard layout etc.

Go forth and enjoy!