My day job currently has me playing with WSO2’s Identity Server. In very simple terms, Identity Server is used for identity and Entitlement management across applications within an environment. It’s quite a comprehensive product and is worth a look if you need to solve problems related to authentication, authorization, provisioning etc within your organisation.

By default Identity Server starts up on the HTTPS protocol and runs on port 9443. No problems there. However, the standard HTTPS port is 443 so it is very conceivable that you may want to change it to run on the standard port.

Fortunately for us, Identity Server runs inside Tomcat so it’s simply a matter of configuring Tomcat accordingly.

To do this, find the catalina-server.xml file that’s contained inside the Identity Server distribution. It is located in the <WSO2-IS-HOME>/repository/conf/tomcat/ directory.

Locate the connector for port 9443. It should look similar to the below XML snippet.

Update the connector to look as follows.

Notice that all we’ve done is change the port value from 9443 to 443. That’s it! Job done. Now you can access Identity Server using HTTPS without needing to specify a port number in the URL.

PS: This was tested on Identity Server version 5.1.0.