Removing Artifacts from Nexus using Curl

Curl is awesome for getting things done. Whether it’s downloading files, spamming the local library’s website or simply messing around you can rest assured Curl has a use. Have you ever uploaded an artifact to your Nexus repository and immediately grimaced as the realization that you’ve uploaded [...]

How to enable the administrator account in Windows

I found myself doing some end user PC maintenance this afternoon and came across a scenario that required me to access Windows’ built in administrator account. However, the laptop I was working on didn’t have this account enabled so I needed to find a way to enable it. It’s quite simple so I [...]

Annotations in Java

Annotations were added to the jdk as of release 5.0. Annotations allow us to add additional information to the code without affecting the operation of the code itself. You can read more about annotations here. (more…)

Custom Type Handlers in iBatis

There are times when you need to convert the data being returned in your sql query to match the data type of your variable. (more…)

Retrieving a CLOB in iBatis

When I was but a youngling and the Force was yet to fully develop within me, I had issues calling stored procedures which returned a CLOB. (more…)

Clojure Tutorial

Here’s a good tutorial to get you up to speed with Clojure

Parsing Messages with MessageFormat

So what’s cooler than substituting placeholders with variables? Getting those variables out from a parsed string! Oh yeah! (more…)

Fun With MessageFormat

The java.text.MessageFormat class is one those classes that you need to use at least once during your practice of The Dark Arts. Its purpose is really quite simple. It takes in a bunch of objects, formats them, and then places them into the given pattern in the appropriate places. We will be [...]
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