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Changing WSO2 Identity Server’s Default HTTPS Port

My day job currently has me playing with WSO2’s Identity Server. In very simple terms, Identity Server is used for identity and Entitlement management across applications within an environment. It’s quite a comprehensive product and is worth a look if you need to solve problems related to [...]

Setting Your Eclipse VM

It happens from time to time that an Eclipse-based IDE might need to use a version of Java other than the one on your classpath. It’s pretty simple to set this up in your eclipse.ini file – or whichever configuration file your specific Eclipse-based IDE may use. Here’s what you need to have as the [...]

Maven QuickStart Archetypes

Love it or hate, Maven is an essential part of many development environments. One of the things I like about Maven is its’ ability to quickly generate a project skeleton to help get you started. (more…)

Custom Type Handlers in iBatis

There are times when you need to convert the data being returned in your sql query to match the data type of your variable. (more…)

Retrieving a CLOB in iBatis

When I was but a youngling and the Force was yet to fully develop within me, I had issues calling stored procedures which returned a CLOB. (more…)

iBatis gets a new home

iBatis, that Java persistence framework we all know and love, has grown up. The original creators of iBatis have now moved on to bring us MyBatis!   You can read all about it at the new MyBatis site.   (more…)
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